Technical architect

Regarding architecture, we offer advice to our clients for the implementation of their projects in Nerja, Malaga, Costa del Sol…and at any location suggested by the client.
We have developed a wide range of services designed to provide consultancy services to our clients and, above all, to control all the necessary procedures for any development, construction, or project, from the start-up to its delivery.
We perform an overall management, based on the technical control of each construction system that intervenes in the process, as well as in the coordination of all participating agents to oversee and optimize such process
Due to our collaboration with the technical office a.i. arquitectura e ingeniería, we have expertise in the development of industrial constructions, presenting structural and constructive solutions that allow us to achieve reduced execution costs in comparison to conventional solutions.

Our location in the province of Malaga provides experience for a variety of constructions with very different purposes and characteristics. As one of the engines of the Andalusian economy, la Costa del Sol requires the execution of diverse projects to render services to its visitors and existing industries.

For example, the expanding subtropical, fruit and vegetable industries in the province of Malaga, and specifically in Costa del Sol, demand the development of projects of industrial buildings, as well as the urban management of lands to accommodate the new needs of the industries.

Our architecture experts have the experience to offer advisory services to entrepreneurs in the sector for the implementation of new projects that meet their new needs due to their growth.

On the other hand, the consolidation of the province of Malaga and specifically of Costa del Sol as the second coastal province in hotel profitability, as indicated by the RevPAR indexes, means that the province of Malaga becomes an attractive destination for tourism investments.

Our architecture department has the expertise and experience necessary to provide investors with assistance on matters related to tourism, knowledge of the urban situation of the real estate, of the current legislation in the field of tourism to satisfy their needs and take advantage of the good situation of the industry.

Services in Nerja, Malaga and Andalusia

We provide consultancy services in the field of RENOVATIONS, REHABILITATION AND NEW CONSTRUCTION works in all kinds of buildings for the public administration and private companies. The advice is provided by multidisciplinary teams constituted by architects and technical architects, as well as industrial engineers. 

For all projects, we analyse the circumstances and requirements, study different alternatives according to established objectives, and provide profitable and effective solutions. 

In the drafting of each project, we offer a high-quality, custom-made design for our clients, making a continuous and exhaustive monitoring of the work. 

Our constructive solutions offer buildings that are more sustainable. For example, reducing the energy consumption of the construction through the implementation of efficient thermal insulation systems, guaranteeing natural ventilation strategies, achieving natural lighting for the primary occupation spaces, implementing systems of acoustic insulation for high acoustic comfort, as well as reducing or controlling the economic cost of the project. 

We have developed a wide range of services designed to assist our clients and, above all, to control all the necessary steps for any development, construction, or project. 

We perform an overall management, based on the technical control of each one of the constructive systems that intervene in the process and coordinate all participating agents to supervise the process and optimize it. 


List of other services

Services designed to assist clients at the time of construction or development of a building. 


  • Presentation of the promotion/marketing. 
  • Meeting with the property developer.  
  • Outline/Urban regulations. 
  • Feasibility consultation with Urban Planning Technicians.  
  • Preliminary project drafting. 
  • Forecast for the connection of utility services. 
  • Approval of Project Development and Cooperating Entity. 
  • Drafting of Sales Documents. 
  • Geotechnical Study…Tenders, Award, Follow-up, and Reception. 
  • OCT…Tenders and Award. 
  • Technical Architect…DEO and CSS Tenders and Award. 
  • Basic Project drafting. 
  • Work License Application and Payment. 
  • Work License monitoring. 
  • RD Policy Insurance = Tenders and Award. 
  • Execution Project + TeleCo Project + SyS Study. 
  • (WITHOUT endorsement and with Measurements NOT assessed). 
  • O.C.T. … Reports (ssi Rehabilitation: Previous Inspection and Analysis). 
  • D0 (review of Project Executed). 
  • D0.1 (verification of calculations). 
  • D2 (optional = Sealing of facades and roofs).  
  • D4 (ssi Rehabilitation: Current and Pre-existing Status). 
  • Execution Project + TeleCo Project + SyS Study.  
  • Endorsements from Official Associations (with amounts of chapters according to indications). 
  • Requests for offers to Construction companies. 
  • Comparisons and review of offers with selected companies. 
  • Award of the work. 
  • Work Planning. 
  • Signature of Work Contract and guarantees or securities. 
  • SRP Pre-Policy premium advance payment. 
  • Readiness Verification Document of the project. 
  • Pre-initiation of the Work…SyS Plan. 
  • Construction Waste Management. 
  • Management of provisional connections for utility services. 
  • Control Plan Tenders. 
  • Approval of the PSS. 
  • Opening of the Work Center. 
  • Control Plan Award. 
  • Work Initiation Record. 


  • Payment of ICIO tax. 
  • Supervision of the award to subcontractors. 
  • Work execution follow-up. 
  • Reviews of Work Plans. 
  • Works Certifications control. 
  • O.C.T. … Reports D5.1 (End of Foundation Building). 
  • D5.2 End of the Execution of the Structure). 
  • D5.3 (End of the Execution of Enclosures). 
  • D3 (Optional = End of the Execution of Facades and Roofs). 


  • Construction Completion Certificate and PSS. 
  • Provisional Reception Certificate. 
  • O.C.T. … Report D6 (End of Construction Report). 
  • Waste Management = Favourable Report and Refund of Guarantee. 
  • Provisional Liquidation of the Work. 
  • Report of End of Construction to the Town Planning Management. 
  • Request for First Occupancy License. 
  • Full payment of the SRD insurance policy. 
  • Stamp duty tax (Div Horiz). 
  • Subrogation, Notary, Registry, etc. 
  • Delivery of keys. 
  • Final review. 
  • End of Warranty Period…1 year after the final review. 
  • O.C.T. … Report D3.bis (optional = Waterproofing report). 
  • Final Certificate of Acceptance. 
  • Final Settlement of the Work. 
  • Return of Withholdings and Guarantees.