Urban Planning Architect

Land management requires great knowledge and expertise in different disciplines, both technical and legal, as well as intensive coordination and management, because of the large participation of agents in the process, whether they are landowners or administrations, service companies and other intervening actors.

There is a wide variety of circumstances for each land, as well as extensive applicable legislation that makes it necessary to carry out a multidisciplinary analysis of each of the situations to find the most viable development or solution for each one of them.

From the area of urban planning, we know that landowners need a multidisciplinary team that can provide them with a comprehensive land management service for its subsequent sale or heritage designation of their real estate assets.

The situation in Nerja in terms of the number of plots of land included in urban planning or implementation management units, requires the development of urban management tasks through the preparation and processing of the required documents or urban projects prior to being able to make the sales of the resulting real estate assets, which are considered in the urban planning.

Consequently, we perform a comprehensive work of the land management or development, based on the technical-legal control of each of the necessary administrative procedures, as well as the required work of organizing the actions to be carried out with the owners, service companies through the obtaining and management of connection points, and other intervening actors.


Urban Planning Services in Nerja, Malaga and Andalusia

The delimitation by the General Plans of Urban Planning (PGOU, for its initials in Spanish) of industrial areas, units of action or execution units, and planning sectors as spaces or territorial areas that divide unconsolidated or urban lands, to carry out the actions of urban transformation both from a legal and material point of view, in an integrated or systematic way through a system of action that will guarantee the equitable distribution of benefits and burdens, which requires the drafting of:
  • An instrument of planning of development
  • A detailed study or partial plan
  • An urban management instruments
  • A reparcelling or compensation project
  • Urban execution instrument, a development project or urban development work project.

Due to our professional experience, we have become experts in the preparation of said documents, as well as in the follow-up of their processing before the corresponding administrations.

We have made considerable progress in the field of reparcelling or compensation projects, including the complementary legal operations, which has allowed us to obtain great experience in the preparation, processing, and follow-up of this type of files, throughout the whole process from consultancy services to the registration before the property registry.

List of other architectural services

  • Preparation and processing of urban and territorial planning instruments:
    • Spatial planning: Land use plans and projects of regional interest.
    • General planning: General plans and sectorization plans.
    • Development planning: Partial plans, special plans, and studies of detail.
    • Preparation of legal texts.
  • Preparation and processing of urban planning instruments:
    • Equal distribution projects (land reparcelling, compensation, etc.).
    • Compulsory expropriation (joint or individual appraisal).
  • Urban planning agreements: Negotiation, drafting and processing of urban planning and management agreements.
  • Compensation boards and conservation entities: Establishment of collaborating urban entities and advisory services.
  • Developer agent: Drafting and processing of integrated or urban development action programs.
  • Advice on the processing of specific authorizations and permits (authorizations on rustic land, commercial licenses, tourism authorizations, etc.).
  • Implementation of real estate projects (urban due diligence):
    • Urban analysis of the affected land.
    • Control and monitoring of the administrative processes of urban transformation.
    • Verification of authorizations and required licenses.
    • Analysis of the fulfilment of the requirements arising from the applicable sectoral legislation.
  • Preparation and processing of planning execution instruments:
    • Urban development projects.
    • Regular urban development projects for the execution of the plans.
    • Consultation with supply companies.