Legal Architecture

Our professional experience has made us experts in the knowledge of the necessary requirements to prepare the LEGAL documentation of your house according to the conditions stipulated in the current legislation. Our services include:

  • Elaboration and processing of legalization projects
  • Certificates of accreditation for the fulfilment of the conditions established in article 3.3 of Decree 2/2012
  • Preparation of the supporting technical documentation for the declaration of the situation of the house from assimilated to outside of management.


The approval of DECREE 2/2012 which regulates the system of buildings and existing settlements in undeveloped plots of land in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, as well as Law 6/2016, which modifies Law 7/2002 of December 17 of the Urban Planning of Andalusia (LOUA, for its initials in Spanish) to incorporate urgent measures in terms of buildings built on urban plots in undeveloped land, clarified the legal status of “illegal” housing and allowed the “legalization” of their situation, along with the possibility to have access to water and electricity services whenever possible.

The urban circumstances of Nerja and Axarquía de Malaga, the existence of countless “illegal” housing in rustic or non-developable lands, has led us to become specialists in matters related to the legalization and regularization of housing, through the performance of legalization projects as well as the elaboration of certificates of declaration of the situation of houses and constructions from assimilated to outside of management (DAFO, for its initials in Spanish).

This type of projects requires knowledge of the current urban and sectoral legislation, as well as the situation of the house and the construction, including the accreditation of its antiquity to avoid facing obstacles during the development of the administrative procedure that could in turn prevent obtaining the administrative certification, in addition to the unnecessary costs arising therefrom for the owner.

Services in Nerja, Malaga and Andalusia

As experts in legal architecture and urban planning, we provide advice on matters related to urban discipline. The case-to-case basis of this professional activity is as diverse as the topic itself; therefore, we provide advisory services in:

  • License concession applications
  • Enforcement orders
  • Bankruptcy
  • Technical inspection files
  • Disciplinary proceedings and restoration of legality
  • Constructions in undeveloped lands
  • Declaration of constructions in situation of assimilated to outside of management, etc.

Since we are experts in urban planning and urban design as well, we provide consultancy services in the processes of legalization of buildings through the analysis of the urban situation of the same, the drafting of certificates of seniority and of building surfaces.


The current legislation on Mortgages requires that the graphic representation of properties must include a list of the georeferenced coordinates of the corners that define the geometry of the plot, and a specification of all the elements that are on the farm, which implies having the necessary technical knowledge in georeferencing.


We offer legal advice on:

  • Acquisition processes for plots of land and real estate
  • Preparing land valuations
  • Market research
  • Real estate valuations
  • Information on the urban, legal, and economic suitability of real estate operations


We provide consultancy services for procedures regarding real estate pathologies, through the preparation of reports or expert opinions. Upon the real estate boom that began in the year 2000, the experiences obtained have not allowed us to further our competency in the preparation of expert reports of damages for works with deficient execution.



Legal Architecture

  • Preparation of legalization files and advice on this matter.
  • Preparation of certificates of the declaration of the legal situation from assimilated to outside of management, and advice on this matter.
  • Preparation of certificates of the declaration of the situation from assimilated to outside of management, and advice on this matter.
  • Preparation of suitability reports for the property according to urban regulations.
  • Preparation of antiquity certificates.
  • Preparation of reports on construction preservation status and urban situation.
  • Construction surface certificates.
  • Real estate valuation.
  • Reports on real estate damages and pathologies.
  • Identification reports for registered farms.
  • Verification of the existence of sanctioning procedures or procedures to reinstate territorial legal status.
  • Advice on records of urban legality protection and sanctions