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Architect Nerja is a multidisciplinary company with more than 15 years of experience in the areas of architecture, legal architecture, and urban planning. 

From our offices in the beautiful town of Nerja, province of Malaga, we provide services to all our clients regardless of their location, no matter if you are looking for an architect in Barcelona, an architect in Madrid or an architect in Costa del Sol. 

We have extensive experience in: Consulting and drafting residential and housing construction projects; Projects related to tourism; Offering advice for and drafting planning or construction documents; Land development management; Advice for and drafting legal documentation for housing; Drafting of expert reports. 

Every day, we work to provide solutions to our clients to help them reach their goals. 

Our location in the municipality of Nerja, and therefore in Costa del Sol, allows us to obtain a broad and diverse experience in the architectural sector, in the development of residential and tourist projects, in the legalization or regularization of buildings and in the development and management of the land. 

Our collaborative work with the technical office a.i arquitectura e ingeniería in Seville, where Curro Criado is a member, allows us to acquire experience in other areas of Andalusia, and to provide better services to our clients. 

Architect Nerja has a solid record of accomplishment serving both private clients and public administrations. 

Your Architect in Nerja – Malaga – Costa del Sol

Our work philosophy is based on a quote by the genius Pablo Ruiz Picasso:

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

Architecture Office: Curro Criado Architect

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we offer the services of architecture, legal architecture, and urban planning. 

From our offices located in Nerja, we provide advice to our clients for the development of architecture projects and works related to housing RENOVATIONS, REHABILITATION AND NEW CONSTRUCTION, as well as works in all kinds of buildings.  

Additionally, we offer consultancy services in legal architecture, preparation of expert reports and real estate valuation, through the processing of housing legalization projects or the declaration of the situation from assimilated to outside of management (DAFO, for its initials in Spanish). The urban circumstances of the areas of Nerja and Axarquía de Malaga have led us to become specialists in matters related to the legalization and regularization of the housing. 

We provide consultancy services on the urban development of plots of land suitable for that purpose, unconsolidated urban areas, on the implementation of tourist, commercial and office complexes, special buildings, and public facilities, among others, with the preparation and processing of urban development documents, partial plans, special plans, and detailed studies in the municipality of Nerja, and in any other in the province of Malaga.

Design of homes in Malaga

We are a team of experts with great experience in the design of custom-made homes with solutions or building techniques adapted to the needs of the customers, which imply savings in execution costs, as well as savings in maintenance costs without sacrificing quality or the compliance with the requirements of the corresponding regulations.

We also have extensive experience in the optimization of projects drafted by third parties and in the control and monitoring of the material execution of diverse types of works. Our work is fully compatible with our own technical equipment and that of others.

Our competencies allow us to review architecture projects of homes, both in Malaga and anywhere in Spain, to propose solutions or construction techniques that significantly reduce the economic cost and/or execution times that are initially planned, without reducing the quality or compromising the requirements of applicable regulations.

Architecture Projects in Nerja – Malaga

Having our headquarters in Nerja allows us to acquire expertise in residential architecture projects, as well as in tourism architecture. 

Our projects have customized constructive solutions adapted to the circumstances of each of our clients, allowing them to save costs in relation to standardized solutions. 

The implementation of the Technical Building Code and its complexity has led to the introduction of standardized solutions, which are not always the most suitable for the project or the client. Consequently, our architecture projects analyse all the circumstances and avoid standardized solutions, allowing them to save on execution costs, as well as saving on maintenance costs without entailing a reduction in quality or compliance of the requirements of applicable regulations. 

This experience and knowledge of the regulations allow us to carry out optimization reports of projects drafted by third parties, where we propose constructive solutions and techniques that save costs for our customers. 

Despacho de Arquitectura en Nerja

Despacho de Arquitectura en Nerja

Another advantage of having our main office in the province of Malaga is that allows us to be immersed in the process of growth of said province in the tourism, industry, technology, and agriculture sectors among others, which diversifies our professional experience.  

Malaga, that was millenary and cosmopolitan in the past, preserves its historical roots intact.

In ancient times the province witnessed the origins of man and the Mediterranean culture, and today it has become the first power of the Andalusian tourist industry, which keeps alive its tradition of being a welcoming and creative land.


The tourist activity in the province of Malaga is one of its most important economic indicators, and the incursion of housing for tourism purposes in the area with the approval of Decree 28/2016 by which all housing have tourist purposes must be registered in the Andalusian Tourism Registry (RTA, for its initials in Spanish), has increased the supply of tourist accommodations.

The registration of housing for tourism purposes involves the contribution of the first occupation license, as well as the fact that the home must fulfil a series of technical requirements. This process has allowed us to acquire the experience required to process various technical documents so that our clients holding homes for tourism purposes can register the same before the registry of tourist homes.