We advise on REFORM, RENOVATION AND NEW CONSTRUCTION PLANT in buildings of all types.

We develop architecture projects located in Nerja, Málaga, Costa del Sol, in the location that the client, public administrations and private companies propose to us. The advice of our architecture studio is carried out by multidisciplinary teams made up of architects and technical architects, as well as industrial engineers.

We analyse the circumstances and requirements, offer different alternatives in accordance with the established objectives and we provide profitable and effective solutions.

Our projects are characterised by:

  • Implementation of effective thermal insulation systems
  • Ensure natural ventilation strategies
  • Achieve natural lighting in the spaces of primary occupation
  • Acoustic insulation systems that enable a high degree of comfort
  • Reducing or controlling the economic cost of construction
  • Projects and Construction Management of buildings, homes, hotels, etc…
  • Projects and Construction Management for building reforms.
  • Projects and Construction Management for the rehabilitation of buildings.
  • Projects and Works Management of access roads to buildings.

We give life to structures so that they create useful and attractive spaces through our projects.


In the Urban Planning Area, we advise on building legalisation processes by analysing the urban situation of buildings, drafting certificates of antiquity and footprints of buildings

We advise on land and property acquisition processes, through the preparation of land and property valuations and market studies. Information on the urban, legal and economic suitability of real estate operations.

We advise on building pathology procedures for real estate, through the preparation of reports and expert opinions.


  • Drafting of planning and development of PGOU (General Plan for Town Planning), special reform plans, partial management plans, sector plans and detailed studies.
  • Drafting of land reparcelling projects, general infrastructure construction projects, urban projects and special plan projects.
  • Urban management and drafting of urban planning agreements.
  • Extraordinary actions on land with an undeveloped land regime.
  • Landscape analysis
  • Urban mobility studies
  • Municipal planning.

We help your clients to implement their projects in the territory.


In the Legal Architecture Area, we offer consultancy services on urban planning discipline, expert reports and property valuation matters. We are in Nerja, Málaga, Costa del Sol, but we offer our services in the location indicated by the client. Advice on legal architecture is conducted by a multidisciplinary team made up of architects specialising in urban planning, valuations and expert practice, as well as specialist lawyers.

As experts in urban planning, we advise on urban planning discipline. The cases are too diverse and abundant to list them all, but popular requests are:

Licence granting, building permits, responsibility declarations, 1st occupation licences…

  • Writs of execution
  • Ruins
  • Technical inspection documents
  • Sanctioning and legality restoration proceedings
  • Constructions on undeveloped land
  • Declaration of constructions in a situation assimilated to outside planning, DAFO or SAFO
  • Preparation of reports on the adequacy of properties, state of conservation, damage and pathologies, urban situation, property appraisal and house surveys.
  • And many more.

We analyse the suitability and safety of real estate assets before buying.


Valuation reports of property and land.

Expert reports of construction defects, lack of thermal or acoustic insulation, etc.

Extraordinary actions on lands with a non-developable land regime.


If you want more information about our services or have any questions you can do so in our contact section, by filling out our form or by giving us a call.